November 8, 2009  StormWISE version 1.1 is now available.   Version 1.1 is more stable and should work on more computers than Version 1.0.  However, the GIS display of model results, which  is available in Version 1.0, has been removed from Version 1.1 because it caused inconsistent behavior of the program on certain computers.


 Click here to download:  StormWISE 1.1 Download


StormWISE version 1.0, which has the option to display model results using a built-in GIS display based on the "MapWindow" GIS system (originally released August 8, 2007),  is still available.  HOWEVER, please be advised that this version will not run on some computers.  It seems to run on most Windows XP installations.  We have never successfully run this version on Windows Vista.  We have successfully run this version in one instance on Windows 7 Premium (32 bit) however it failed to run in one case on Windows 7 Premium (64 bit).


Click here to download:  StormWISE 1.0 Download


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