StormWISE Version 1.0 Download Page


StormWISE version 1.0 (originally released August 8, 2007)  is still available.  HOWEVER, pleased be advised that this version will not run on some computers.  It seems to run on most Windows XP installations.  We have never successfully run this version on Windows Vista.  We have successfully run this version in one instance on Windows 7 Premium (32 bit) however it failed to run in one case on Windows 7 Premium (64 bit) as of 11/8/2009.


Click here to download:  StormWISE 1.0 Download


StormWISE Software Documentation:  This document contains installation guidance and tutorials.  It is installed on your computer as part of the installation. 

You may also download it here:  Click here to download: StormWISE 1.0 Software Documentation



Before installing StormWISE Version 1.0 with GIS, you must first install the MapWindow Active-X control called MapWinGIS.  This can be downloaded for free from the MapWindow website (link shown below).  You may choose to download and install only the Active-X control, or if you like, you may download and install the entire MapWindows Open Source GIS system, which automatically installes the MapWinGIS Active-X control during its installation.  The StormWISE installer checks whether MapWinGIS has been installed on your computer, and if not, the installer terminates.  EPA’s BASINS software version 4 also uses MapWindow, so if you have installed it on your computer, you probably do not need to download and install a new copy.


MapWindow Link: